One old project finally gets a momentum….

Posted: 23/11/2010 in Fine Press Books, Prints, Engravings & Blocks

More than ten years ago one extraordinary fine press book got my attention: The wood engravers of North America.

The people behind the book were Crispin & Jan Elsted from the Barbarian Press, Mission, Canada. When I visited them in Mission in 2002 I was enchanted by their way of life and high standard of bookmaking.

As wood engraver I was fortunate to be chosen by them for their Endgrain Edition.

We became dear friends and they inspired my own efforts in making books and establishing my PepelPress the same year. However, I haven’t  forgotten the deep impression of their first book on the American tradition in wood engraving. In 2004 I already had a concept for a similar book dedicated to the tradition of engraving of the department of printmaking where I graduated – University of Velico Turnovo, Bulgaria.

I didn’t have the ambition to make a ‘history’ book, rather a personal one. The idea was to assemble a volume with original prints made by my teachers, my colleagues, my students, the students of their student….up until now. Since then I have been collecting blocks from all people I knew will fit in this simple scheme.

Years passed….

And the last weekend, at the friendly house of the excellent Belgian master printer Francis Dirix in Hasselt, in his Black Box studio, the first steps to accomplishing the project were firmly laid.

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  1. […] press draagt de naam ‘D black box’. Op de site van grafisch kunstenaar Peter Lazarov is een fotoserie van Dirix in zijn werkplaats te zien. Posted 26/01/2012. Toon meer boeken van/over > exlibris, Frank-Ivo van Damme, […]

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