Prospero’s Books

Posted: 12/07/2011 in Books, Fine Press Books, Prints, Engravings & Blocks

PEPELpress presents PROSPERO’S BOOKS by Peter Greenaway.

The limited edition of twelve made in Chongqing, China, in March 2011, contains six large size multicolored silkscreens, printed on high quality handmade Chinese paper.

Seven copies are bound with leather, five are paperback. All copies are in a  bag from recycled material.

Size 50,5 x 61 cm.

My thanks go to Peter Greenaway for his generous permission to use his text; to Sieds de Boer who came up with the idea for this book; to my Chongqing friends: Lan Jian for his vital help during the production of the book in the studio of Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Cao Wen for the printing  and Zhang Liang for the binding; also to Li Qilong and Li Jinghang.

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