Peter Lazarov  Artist/Printmaker

E-mail: pepeldog@abv.bg , peterlazarov@hotmail.com

1958                        Born Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1980                        Imitative Arts, Printmaking and Graphic Techniques, University St.Kiril i Metodii, Bulgaria

1989-90                   Assistant-professor at Printmaking Department, University St.Kiril i Metodii, Bulgaria

Member of IAPA (International Academic Printmaking Association) since 2017

Former member of HOLT and Drukkers in de Marge (The Netherlands) and Society of Wood Engravers (UK)


2000        September/November – Workshop for mokuhan – Japanese watercolour woodblock printmaking, Nagasawa, Japan

2003        May         Symposium for Small Prints, Velico Tarnovo, Bulgaria

June/July                Artist in Residence for Papermaking at Awagami Factory, Japan;

September/November – Malaspina Printmakers, Vancouver, Canada;  St. Michael’s Printshop, St. John’s, NF, Canada

2004                        Artist in Residence for Lithography, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2005                        Artists Meeting ‘Duppini’, Bulgaria

2006        July –       Artist in Residence ‘Work in Progress’, Norden, Germany

September – Artists Meeting video art ‘Kamen Briag’, Bulgaria

2007                        Lomea Annual Eco Art Symposium Rousse; Printmaking Symposium Smolyan (Bulgaria)

2009        2010 and 2011 – Artist in residence at Guanlan Printbase, Shenzhen, China

2011-12   Holding a workshop in wood engraving at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China

2012        Art Colony Velika Plana and Art Colony Poganovski Monastery (Serbia, July/August)

2012-16   Series of lectures at prestigious highschools in Beijing, China

2013        Workshop Handmade Artists books at ScFAI, Chongqing, China

2013-17   Teaching the course of woodcut and the art of ex libris at ScFAI, Chongqing, China

2018        Taking part at the opening festivities Leeuwarden Cultural Capital of Europe


Selected Exhibitions:

2018        Int. Ex Libris Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2017        Int. Wood Engraving Exhibition, CAFA Museum, Beijing, China

2017        National Printmaking Exhibition, Pazardzik City Gallery, Bulgaria

2017        Guanlan Int. Print Biannual, Shenzhen, China

2016        One man show Gallery Diakov, Plovdiv; Asparuhovo Art Gallery, Varna (Bulgaria); Center voor Prentkunst Fochteloo (Holland)

2015        International Print exhibition MARKS (as part of the National Print Exhibition), Chongqing, China

2014        7th DOURO Print Biennial, Portugal

2013        Global Print 2013, Portugal

2013        8th International Review of Woodcutter’s and Linoleum Ex-libris Print named after Paweł Steller, Katowice, Polland

2013        One man show at Diversity&Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland (January/February)

2012        Int. Print exhibition ‘Leonardo Sciascia, amateur d’estampes’, Palermo, Fabriano, Firence, Venezia, Milano (2013), Italy

2011        798 First Beijing Intеrnational Print Expo, Beijing, China

2011        Exhibition ‘The master and the Student’, Ivan Marinov & Peter Lazarov, Han Hadji Nikoli, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

2011        IV Int. Printmaking Exhibition, Tophane, Istanbul, Turkey

2011        Open Stal Oldeberkoop, Friesland, Nederland

2011        2007, 2005, 2003 International Print Biennial, VARNA, Bulgaria

2011        Allianz Bank Exhibition, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

2010        Het Ideale Boek and Mooi Marginaal 2008-2009, Museum Meermanno, Den Haag, Holland

2010        6th Print Triennale, Sofia, BG

2010        Triennale de Chamalieres, Auvergne, France

2008        2nd Fu Xian Zhai (Shanghai) and Lu Jiazui “Mei Yuan Cup” (Shanghai), China

2008        One-man show during the XXXII Congress of FISAE, Beijing, China (October)

2008        Xylon 14, France

2007        L’Arte e il Torchio, Museo Civico, Cremona, Italy

2007        Iternational Exhibition Un Monde en Noir et Blanc, Montreal, Ottawa, Canada

2006:       II.International Print Exhibition, Tohane-i Amire art gallery, Ýstanbul, Turkey.

2003 and 2005: Touring Exhibition Wrexham Print International, UK

2000 and 2002:  Grafiek Nu 10, Holland

2002:       The 12th Space Int. Print Biennial, Seoul, Korea

1995-2014               Annual Exhibitions, the Society of Wood Engravers, UK

Selected Prizes:

2017        First Prize at the National Printmaking Exhibition, Pazardzik, Bulgaria

2013        Honorable Mention of the Silesian Bibliophiles and Iconophiles Association – Diplomma and Medal named after Paweł Steller

2011        Allianz Bank Award for printmaking, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

2010        One of the three Awards of Equal standing at the 6th Sofia Print Triennial, Bulgaria

2008        Honourable Mention at the 2nd Fu Xian Zhai, Shanghai, China

2008        Honourable Mention at the XXXII Congress of FISAE, Beijing, China

2006        Honourable Mention at the 2nd International Printmaking Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

2004        Emile Puettmann Prize, Boekkunstbeurs Leiden, Holland

2003        The Prize for Outstanding Engraving from overseas, 66th Annual, SWE, UK

2002        Collection Purchase Prize, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

1993        Jury-prize, International Graphic Exhibition, Maastricht, Holland

Selected Published Works:

2013        Printmaking off the beaten track, by Richard Noice, publisher Bloomsbury, UK

2011        De prentkunst van Peter Lazarov, by Pieter Jonker, 304 pages, about 500 colour reproductions, publisher Nobilis Foundation, Holland

2010        Het Ideale Book, editors Paul van Capelleveen and Clemens Wolf, publisher Vantilt, Holland

2008        Leeslint, Meermanno Museum Den Haag, article “Met steun van Vrienden”, by Paul Capelleveen

2006        Parenthesis 12 (UK & USA), Peter Lazarov and his Pepel Press by Willem Keizer;

Papermaking for Printmakers, by Elspeth Lamb, A & C Black Publishers, London;

Graphische Kunst /1, Gravierende impressionen, by Eva Masthoff – Germany

2004:       UTZ magazine, Edizioni Progetti Farnesiani – Ortona, Italia

2003:       Endgrain Edition 3, a BarbarianPress  edition with  wood engravings (50) printed from the original blocks, Mission, Canada (www.barbarianpress.com)

2002: PEPELpressFine press limited edition handmade art books.

2017/18        Alkestis, by Christos Giannakos (poetry), nine engravings on plastic

2016        Maria’s Dance, by Christos Giannakos (poetry), six engravings on plastic

2014        Tragic Greek Heroines, by Christos Giannakos (poetry), eight large engravings on plastic; edition of 50

2013        The Puppeteer and the Puppet, by Phil Madden (poetry), silkscreen; box; edition 20

2012        Eternal Battle, by Christos Giannakos (poetry), three large engravings on plastic; box; edition of 100

2012        Shadow of a butterfly, collaboration with Ema Tsoneva (poetry&monotypes), wood engravings; box; edition of 20

2011        Prospero’s Books, by Peter Greenaway, silkscreen, 7 leather bound Deluxe copies, edition of 12

2010        May Book, poems by Omar Khayyam and Heinrich Heine, engravings on wood and plastic, edition 10

2010        39 Faces of Urban Moon, haiku by Phil Madden; silkscreen, woodcut and wood engraving, edition 20

2009        Three with the Moon and His Shadow, by Li Bai, woodcuts, edition 6 + one A/P Deluxe copy

2009        Language Land/ Taalgebied, by Willem Roggeman, allograph prints, edition 20

2009        Haat gaat gekleed als vreedzame mensen, poem by Rutger Kopland, allograph prints, Chine Colle text, edition 15

2008            According to Alzheimer, Sieds de Boer/ Peter Lazarov, Typography, woodcut and wood engravings,  edition 20

2008            Siegfried’s Passion (after Richard Wagner’s Siegfried), Lithography, edition 8

2006        Beowulf, Mollie Zanoni/ Peter Lazarov, Woodcut, edition 10

2005        Melancholi…., Typography, Wood engravings, edition 30

2004        Shoji, Teodor Lazarov/ Peter Lazarov, Typography, Wood engravings, edition 44

2004        RubbingRoads, Typography, Woodcuts, Wood engravings, edition 44

Work in Public Collections:

Prentenkabinet van Rijksmuseum Amsterdam; Meermanno Museum Den Hague, (Holland);

Print Collection of the University of Wales  (UK);  The Ashmolean Museum (Oxford, UK); Libraries of Congress Washington (http://lccn.loc.gov/92201703) and Yale University (USA) (http://orbis.library.yale.edu/vwebv/search?searchCode=GKEY%5E%2A&limitTo=none&recCount=50&searchType=1&searchArg=peter%20lazarov) ; Veliko Tarnovo University St. Kiril i Methodii and Plovdiv City Library Ivan Vazov (Bulgaria),

Sakima Art Museum (Okinawa Pref. Japan), Plantin-Muretus Museum, Antwerp (Belgium), Libraries of UBC Vancouver (http://ubc.summon.serialssolutions.com/search?s.cmd=addFacetValueFilters%28ContentType%2CNewspaper+Article%3At%29&spellcheck=true&s.q=peter+lazarov) and University of Toronto (Canada) http://search.library.utoronto.ca/search?Ntx=mode%20matchallpartial&Ntk=Anywhere&N=0&Nu=p_work_normalized&Ntt=peter%20lazarov&Np=1) etc.

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Dear Lazarov,
    My name is Rodrigo and I`m very interested in your work. I’d like to know if you are interested in create an ex libris for me.
    Best Regards,

    • Dear Rodrigo,

      Thank you for your email.

      I am glad you like my engravings.

      It would be pleasure to create an ex libris on your name.
      Please, let me know you preferred themes.

      For discussing further details, please use the following email address: pepeldog@gmail.com

      Kind regards,

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