Ex Libris

  1. Pieter Jonker says:

    Wat schitterend! Hoe krijg je dit allemaal voor elkaar en zo snel. Ik ben overdonderd!


    • peterlazarov says:

      This is ready to use website, actually a blog, which I managed to transform as more informative space for my own needs.
      You have hotmail too – there was a message a month ago that their own blog is going to disappear. We were advised to move to wordpress.com site, which I did.
      Probably you got this message too.
      So you see, I didn’t do anything fancy, ha-ha-ha!

  2. Alex says:

    Hoi Petjo! Ik vind het een erg mooie website!! groetjes, Alex

    • Здравей, Алекс!!!
      Теди беше много доволен от гостуването си у вас и се прибра в приповдигнато настроение и изпълнен с много планове. Много благодаря!
      Поздрави и целувки на всички ви!

  3. Michel Destrebecq says:

    Dear Peter,
    What is the title of the opus 115 ?And the title and the owner of the opus 111 ,
    Thank you in advance !
    Michel (Belgium)

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your email.
      Opus 111 was made for Allie (?) van de Waal on the theme Odysseus and the Sirens in 1994.
      Opus 115 was on a general theme Nude on the seaside.
      Have a fine Palmzondag!

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